About Sparky Prep

We have one goal in mind: Providing students all over the world with the resources they need to prepare for the SAT.


Welcome To Sparky Prep!

Our team of tutors is entirely made up of volunteers who are dedicated to assisting you on your journey to achieving your target score. Everyone that’s on the team has one goal in mind: leveling out the playing field for SAT takers. 

One of the main purposes of Sparky Prep is to unite scattered, low-impact tutoring efforts into a single service that combines the work of volunteer tutors and increases the impact they have on others. 

Our Vision

A world in where students that come from higher income backgrounds aren’t given a predisposed advantage over lower income students.

Our Mission

Providing low-income students with the necessary support and resources they need but can’t afford, and equaling out the playing field for standardized testing. 

Our Goal

Expanding our services to the ACT, AP tests, and college admissions guidance and counseling. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How did it start?

The founder of Sparky Prep envisioned a service that wasn’t available when he was preparing for the SAT: customized, dynamic assistance from other knowledgeable people, all for 100% free. This service is an embodiment of that vision. 

What makes our tutors qualified to tutor?

Our team is made up of 18, high-scoring, volunteer tutors–90% have SAT scores in the 99th percentile. All our tutors have been trained to effectively tutor students who require help, and are experts on preparing for and taking the SAT. 

What's the catch?

We know that it sounds a little odd for us to spend our time tutoring random students for free, but, for us, it isn’t odd at all. Every single one of our tutors were selected based on their desire to give back to others after achieving their target scores, and Sparky Prep empowers them to do so.

About our Team

Volunteer Tutors
Scored 1530+ on the SAT
Hours of Training Per Tutor
Combined Hours of Preparation
Coffees Consumed

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