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Our services are offered to anyone, all for 100% free. 

We offer free, personalized tutoring.

Many students are often left clueless by some SAT questions, and we are dedicated to providing them with the assistance they need. The main service that we offer is one-on-one tutoring, either through email or voice calling. 

Each method is offered to anyone who requests them. Voice call tutoring is offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Email Tutoring

After submitting your question, you will receive a response that contains an explanation and mini-lesson to refer to in the future.

Voice Chat (Beta)

One-on-one tutoring will be conducted through Skype, and you will receive a summary of the session/lesson through email.


An Explanation of the Question

We will ensure that your question is answered with detailed explanations and explain techniques frequently used to solve similar questions.

A Mini-Lesson on the Topic

After answering your primary question, we will give you a mini lesson about the topic to refer to if you find difficulties with a similar question in the future.

A Follow-up with the Student

If necessary, we will give you additional help if you are still having difficulties understanding your topic.

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